kayaking in the sunshine

Planning for an Overnight Kayak Trip

I am beyond excited about spending the weekend away with my partner on a lake trip! We have recently bought a tandem kayak (I’ll share my review about it in another post!) and in this post I will share the preparations I am going to make beforehand!

Kayaking is a shared passion of ours and with work commitments we hardly get to go out and enjoy the wilderness like we used to! There is something so amazing about being outdoors in nature, especially discovering places that people can’t get to by foot.

It is for this exact reason that it is important to plan your trip accordingly and make sure you have the right gear for the job. You want to be safe out there in the wilderness and you want to have a good time too.

Dry Bags

These are handy beyond words, they are water tight bags that are available in a range of sizes. Many people use these on boats and they really are worth the price! The other thing I am bringing are dry boxes – these are just well sealed containers that keep water out.

Some things I will pack into the dry boxes are  our cellphones and camera. The bags are the best thing for your bedding and clothes.

Bilge Pump

Not that I’ve had to use one but I never want to get caught out – I will always pack a sponge or bilge pump in case water starts flooding into the kayak.


So you may want to camp out under the stars but in the event of bad weather or wild life having a tent is going to change your experience considerably. Obviously choose a lightweight one as any extra and unnecessary weight is going to slow you down.

Sleeping Bags

I say sleeping bags because I can’t share with someone else! I feel a little trapped if we have a queen or double sleeping bag. I have a synthetic sleeping back for kayak trips because if they get wet they will still provide warmth

Life Jackets

I consider myself quite the water person and so too does my partner but you are insane if you think you don’t need a life jacket! It’s a legal requirement in many states and it could save your life so I take this one very seriously.

Iodine Tablets

On fresh water lakes you are surrounded by water but there lays a danger in drinking this fresh water. To be sure that it is ok to drink and won’t make me sick I used iodine tablets to help purify it. If I camping without the kayak then it’s totally possible to take a kettle and boil the water but it’s just not practical while kayak camping.

Sunblock and Hats

Kayaks don’t exactly have a built in canopy or shade sail so it’s important to load up on strong, water proof sunscreen to make sure you don’t get burned. I also have a very wide brimmed hat for this purpose too. I can’t stand having the sun in my face all day! I use a zinc on my face because the sunlight reflecting off the lake is an absolute killer on the chin and nose.


I am SO excited about our trip so I hope you found my must take list helpful! I’ll be sure to share another blog post about how it all goes 🙂