What are the Best Snorkeling Masks?

Snorkeling and Kayaking goes hand and hand so what are the best snorkeling mask to take with you on your next kayak mission? Well lets have a look in today’s post!

The activity of Snorkeling is made safer and more enjoyable when the right gear and equipment is used. There are snorkeling masks available for snorkelers, just like you can find masks that are meant solely for scuba divers. Such types of masks provide the eyes, nose and face with sufficient protection even when you are swimming in shallow waters. These can also aid in breathing through mouth, ensuring that you do not need to come up on water time and again to get some oxygen. Find out how to get the best snorkeling masks.

Look for superior quality

Ensure that you get snorkeling masks in high quality, made of materials that do not break very easily and are unlikely to come off during usage. The best snorkeling masks can snugly fit on your face and eyes, and keep out the water at the same time. You should also ensure that these sit comfortably on your face. You need to be capable of moving about your head under water without any limitations.

Go for lightweight, yet durable masks

The best ones have a low weight, which ensures comfort for the head and face, but are built to last for a long time. These allow comfort and never warp or break easily. In case you like to swim in rough waters or along strong currents, choose a mask built with stiff polycarbonate lens that can withstand very high pressure. These lenses are water-resistant and shatterproof, which offer a higher amount of protection to the face, nose and eyes.

Ensure a non-allergenic material

The mask should be made of a material that is non-allergenic for your skin. At times, the frame rubber can cause skin irritation for you – particularly if you keep on wearing your masks for more time. In these cases, it is important to find a mask that has soft, non-allergenic silicone lining along its frames.

Choose the right style

Keep in mind that men generally require a wider snorkel tube than women do. Kids can make do with narrower tubes. This is because the snorkel tube size depends on the swimmer’s lung capacity.

Check the fit

The snorkel mask should have the right fit for your face. Try it for a few minutes and check your comfort level. Is it too tight? Does it cause discomfort or pain? It can be highly uncomfortable to have a mask that pinches your face. It can be distracting when you are trying to have an enjoyable snorkeling experience.