Best Kayaks for Sale under $200 for the Beginners

The kayak is a small boat that is used for fishing and recreational boating out on the sea. The kayaks with modern designs are now available in the market that ensure the safety of the users, as well as provide them the desired pleasure. However, it is not wise to spend lavishly on the kayak, mainly when it is supposed to be used by a novice. Luckily, there are quite a number of top kayaks in 2018 available in the market for low prices under $200, which can be bought and used by the beginners.

Few important aspects to check while buying inexpensive kayaks

 It is desirable that the newly purchased kayak has all the desirable features that may ensure the best safety and comfort of the users, even if they hardly have any experience of riding the fishing kayaks. Hence, it is best to check all the essential factors carefully prior buying a kayak online or from the local market.

Cost price – The cost of the kayak is the foremost condition when someone intends to buy a cheaper boat for the first time. So it is better to surf online and check the prices of the fishing kayaks in all the related sites, to sort out the cheapest ones with all the necessary features.

Quality of material used – Normally, the kayaks are made of PVC that are light enough to enable safe sailing. However, it is essential to check the quality of the PVC used in making the kayaks and it is desirable to buy kayaks made of only the best quality PVC or fiberglass to provide satisfactory durability.

Preferable design applied – The design or the style of the kayak should render enough comfort and the pleasure of boating to the beginners. There should be sufficient space onboard to allow the rider carry all his necessary stuffs in the boat. The inflatable kayaks that are wrapped with rubber tubes are considered to be better than the hard-shell ones, due to their cheaper prices and the facility to use them in all adverse situations.

The best kayaks available for a price below $200 include Sevylor Quickpak K1 that is made of thick PVC and measures 8 feet in length. This kayak provided with the lower part made of tarpaulin, along with a paddle, backpack and a pump. Likewise, Intex Challenger K1 is another popular cheap and inflatable model that consists of a single paddle and has length of 9 feet to make enough space for carrying all gears comfortably. Sevylor Tahiti Hunt for fishing, Sevylor Clear Creek for 2 persons and Rave Sea Rebel are the other popular varieties of cheaper kayaks available in the market.