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Buying Guide For The Best Tandem Kayaks

The best tandem kayaks are chosen after gala research when you have sound knowledge and experience of kayaking. If you are a beginner then also you may invest in a tandem kayak to explore the magic of kayaking together. It’ always fun, and a nice way to do team boating together with your friend or buddy. When you operate a tandem kayak, you actually exercise your ability to do a work in synchronization with another person, which brings a sense of adjustment, cooperating temperament, and responsibility in you. Hence tandem kayaking is not just relax and leisure ride or for fun and enjoyment, but more than that it’s a great way to exercise bonding with a new partner or existing friend.

Things to check for while kayaking

So that you may take full fun of kayaking with the best tandem kayaks, you must buy one by selecting carefully. There are several things to check for in kayaks, which you will know below.

  • You are a better candidate and buyer for a tandem kayak if you are already experienced in kayaking. This is because maneuvering a kayak needs some understanding of direction and balance, and experienced rowers can do this well.
  • Consider purchasing a light weight tandem kayak, as these boats are too long and heavy normally, and the weight may range up to 100 pounds. It may not be easy for two people to lift and carry the kayak to long distances if it’s that heavy. Hence you should think of plastic may light weight kayaks.
  • While trying to find a light weight tandem kayak avoid going for short length ones. That’s because a shorter length means lesser water displacement and hence lesser stability in water. Besides, the distance between the two paddlers is too reduced in shorter tandems to make things little too light and less roomy.
  • The best tandem kayaks come with a rudder. And this ensures that you get a proper rhythm while kayaking.
  • A shorter tandem kayak if by chance gets filed with water or upturns in water can be difficult to rescue or restore, and hence kayaks with a bigger room inside are better.

Besides following the tips above you must always invest on a kayak carrying trailer to carry the kayak towed by your car wherever you go. This is a much easy and better option than to lift the heavy boat on the roof of the car.

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Best Kayaks for Sale under $200 for the Beginners

The kayak is a small boat that is used for fishing and recreational boating out on the sea. The kayaks with modern designs are now available in the market that ensure the safety of the users, as well as provide them the desired pleasure. However, it is not wise to spend lavishly on the kayak, mainly when it is supposed to be used by a novice. Luckily, there are quite a number of top kayaks in 2018 available in the market for low prices under $200, which can be bought and used by the beginners.

Few important aspects to check while buying inexpensive kayaks

 It is desirable that the newly purchased kayak has all the desirable features that may ensure the best safety and comfort of the users, even if they hardly have any experience of riding the fishing kayaks. Hence, it is best to check all the essential factors carefully prior buying a kayak online or from the local market.

Cost price – The cost of the kayak is the foremost condition when someone intends to buy a cheaper boat for the first time. So it is better to surf online and check the prices of the fishing kayaks in all the related sites, to sort out the cheapest ones with all the necessary features.

Quality of material used – Normally, the kayaks are made of PVC that are light enough to enable safe sailing. However, it is essential to check the quality of the PVC used in making the kayaks and it is desirable to buy kayaks made of only the best quality PVC or fiberglass to provide satisfactory durability.

Preferable design applied – The design or the style of the kayak should render enough comfort and the pleasure of boating to the beginners. There should be sufficient space onboard to allow the rider carry all his necessary stuffs in the boat. The inflatable kayaks that are wrapped with rubber tubes are considered to be better than the hard-shell ones, due to their cheaper prices and the facility to use them in all adverse situations.

The best kayaks available for a price below $200 include Sevylor Quickpak K1 that is made of thick PVC and measures 8 feet in length. This kayak provided with the lower part made of tarpaulin, along with a paddle, backpack and a pump. Likewise, Intex Challenger K1 is another popular cheap and inflatable model that consists of a single paddle and has length of 9 feet to make enough space for carrying all gears comfortably. Sevylor Tahiti Hunt for fishing, Sevylor Clear Creek for 2 persons and Rave Sea Rebel are the other popular varieties of cheaper kayaks available in the market.

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Planning for an Overnight Kayak Trip

I am beyond excited about spending the weekend away with my partner on a lake trip! We have recently bought a tandem kayak (I’ll share my review about it in another post!) and in this post I will share the preparations I am going to make beforehand!

Kayaking is a shared passion of ours and with work commitments we hardly get to go out and enjoy the wilderness like we used to! There is something so amazing about being outdoors in nature, especially discovering places that people can’t get to by foot.

It is for this exact reason that it is important to plan your trip accordingly and make sure you have the right gear for the job. You want to be safe out there in the wilderness and you want to have a good time too.

Dry Bags

These are handy beyond words, they are water tight bags that are available in a range of sizes. Many people use these on boats and they really are worth the price! The other thing I am bringing are dry boxes – these are just well sealed containers that keep water out.

Some things I will pack into the dry boxes are  our cellphones and camera. The bags are the best thing for your bedding and clothes.

Bilge Pump

Not that I’ve had to use one but I never want to get caught out – I will always pack a sponge or bilge pump in case water starts flooding into the kayak.


So you may want to camp out under the stars but in the event of bad weather or wild life having a tent is going to change your experience considerably. Obviously choose a lightweight one as any extra and unnecessary weight is going to slow you down.

Sleeping Bags

I say sleeping bags because I can’t share with someone else! I feel a little trapped if we have a queen or double sleeping bag. I have a synthetic sleeping back for kayak trips because if they get wet they will still provide warmth

Life Jackets

I consider myself quite the water person and so too does my partner but you are insane if you think you don’t need a life jacket! It’s a legal requirement in many states and it could save your life so I take this one very seriously.

Iodine Tablets

On fresh water lakes you are surrounded by water but there lays a danger in drinking this fresh water. To be sure that it is ok to drink and won’t make me sick I used iodine tablets to help purify it. If I camping without the kayak then it’s totally possible to take a kettle and boil the water but it’s just not practical while kayak camping.

Sunblock and Hats

Kayaks don’t exactly have a built in canopy or shade sail so it’s important to load up on strong, water proof sunscreen to make sure you don’t get burned. I also have a very wide brimmed hat for this purpose too. I can’t stand having the sun in my face all day! I use a zinc on my face because the sunlight reflecting off the lake is an absolute killer on the chin and nose.


I am SO excited about our trip so I hope you found my must take list helpful! I’ll be sure to share another blog post about how it all goes 🙂

Want to Know More about different types of Kayaking?

A Kayak is a small and narrow boat made of a light material only having a small place to sit in. The first thing to consider when you are interested in buying a boat is, what is your purpose for buying the kayak? For instance if you are looking to go on it just for a couple of times during summer, you might not want to invest large. But on the other hand, if kayaking is a serious hobby for you, there are different degrees of kayaks which can be bought all the way from the cheapest to the most expensive boats.

For early stages a basic beginner kayak also called the recreational kayak. A recreational kayak has a large cockpit which can fit in all sizes of adults and kids and it is really easy to get in and out of them. It is stable but relatively heavier than some other materials as it is made from polyethylene. The material is built thick enough to stay strong which adds to the weight.

As you progress in the techniques of kayaking, you might come across a touring style boat. Although they are made from a similar material as recreational kayaks, they are a lot thinner, longer and have different size openings. It is designed for more adverse paddling where you might take yourself out in more advanced conditions.

Some kayaks are hybrid between the above two. They will have large cockpits but would be incredible light in weight. The light weight attributes to the use of carbon light which is a thermal material.

Inflatable kayaks are mainly used for recreational purposes and they require air to be blown and this process can happen within a few minutes. As a result they are convenient, safe and can fit in a small family in its cockpit.

Kayaks used for white – water have to cater to a variety of paddling types from beginner levels to advanced, and they have to be light weight for good river running, surfing and creeking. Note that these kayaks are bought depending on the skill of the sport you have.

All in all, kayaks are great instruments for different degrees of recreational levels and family outings. Make sure to identify the purpose before you purchase one.


Best Kayak Brands

Kayaks are a great way to get exercise and to get outdoors and amongst nature. There are many kayak brands as well as features to look for as well as different types of kayaks so let’s consider the best kayak brands in the following post.

Types of Kayaks

There are quite a few different kayak styles to choose from so I will do my best to break down and give a simple explanation of the different types you may find.

Fishing Kayak

Fishing kayaks are designed with many different features specific to fishing and kayaks including rod holders, extra storage, great levels of stability.

Generally a fishing kayak will have stability as it’s primary design function as you will need it if you are casting and rocking the kayak as well as reeling in fish. Fishing kayaks are generally very similar to sit on top kayaks but will have a wide range of additions for gear and bait etc.

Even if you don’t want to use it as a fishing kayak the extra storage and fantastic stability definitely attracts more people to this style.

Inflatable Kayaks

The most popular for family vacations or those with limited space. These types of kayaks are designed for ease of use, storage and transport although if you are looking for something more serious stay away. They have definitely molded and developed over the years and are quite well made for use.

Made from durable plastic these kayaks are actually surprisingly hard to put a hole in, although they will include a puncture repair kit it is advisable to treat this kayak with care.

They perform quite well on the water and are very lightweight but this can also be challenging when it comes to paddling in strong winds.

Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks are a really cool and novel kayak to have and use. They are very stable and as a result are quite heavy and have limited manoeuvrability. They are also quite hard to transport but if you have a house near the water or on the water then are great fun. They can generally hold 2 adults and a small child or pet. Another great choice for families or couples who are looking for a bit of fun.

Sit on Top

Sit on top kayaks can also be consider fishing kayaks without all the fancy accessories. Built for stability these kayaks brands are great for beginners.

Sit on top models are also great as your body is not enclosed within the kayak meaning you don’t need to learn any sort of roll techniques. This is great for those who need to overcome a fear of this. Even better due to the high stability these types of kayaks are actually quite hard to tip over.


There can be many kayak brands to choose from so it can be very helpful to know what exactly it is you are looking for. For families or those short on space inflatable kayaks are a great tool to have for family vacations! Fishing kayaks are great for the outdoor enthusiast and sit on tops are very similar without the accessories. Tandem kayaks can be hard to transport but are also a great option for families. I hope you found this article useful!