How Should Scuba Fins Fit?

Finding the best diving fins can be a tricky task, especially to new divers. For obvious reasons people generally tend to buy things in their budget, so traditional simple designed fins are the preferred ones to new comers while the more advanced and highly specialized fins are mostly neglected.

Having the proper fitting fins for your scuba dive greatly add to the safety it provides, the enjoyment you experience and the amount of struggle you face. Properly fitting fins provide the best diving experience with no tension of kicking them off mid dive and one should be completely alert while putting it on.

How to fit Scuba Fins

  • First of all sit down and wear your diving fins. If you are to wear open heeled fins make sure you can see a few inches of your boots protruding from the foot pocket. Whereas for closed heeled fins, fit them comfortably on your barefoot.
  • To recheck if the fins are tight enough move, shake and tilt your feet. If wearing the open heeled fin make sure not to pull the strap too much and that it holds your feet properly in place.
  • To check the underwater kicking you must raise your fin and try to hold its tip. Further try flexing the fin as if you are kicking underwater.
  • Fins with smaller pockets are preferable, if the fins slips of your feet or your heel pops out every now and then whenever you move.

With a variety of fins to choose from, it can be exhausting and difficult to decide which one is suitable for you. But, no matter how cheap or expensive fins you buy the most important thing is comfort. Diving fins can give you the best experience of your life or certainly the worst as well. You don’t want to get them off while diving or start burning your feet in the middle of it. Therefore, price of the fins you are using matters but more importantly how comfortable they are and weather they suit you or not matters more. So, always go for the ones that suit you over the ones you can easily afford.