Best Kayak Brands

Kayaks are a great way to get exercise and to get outdoors and amongst nature. There are many kayak brands as well as features to look for as well as different types of kayaks so let’s consider the best kayak brandsĀ in the following post.

Types of Kayaks

There are quite a few different kayak styles to choose from so I will do my best to break down and give a simple explanation of the different types you may find.

Fishing Kayak

Fishing kayaks are designed with many different features specific to fishing and kayaks including rod holders, extra storage, great levels of stability.

Generally a fishing kayak will have stability as it’s primary design function as you will need it if you are casting and rocking the kayak as well as reeling in fish. Fishing kayaks are generally very similar to sit on top kayaks but will have a wide range of additions for gear and bait etc.

Even if you don’t want to use it as a fishing kayak the extra storage and fantastic stability definitely attracts more people to this style.

Inflatable Kayaks

The most popular for family vacations or those with limited space. These types of kayaks are designed for ease of use, storage and transport although if you are looking for something more serious stay away. They have definitely molded and developed over the years and are quite well made for use.

Made from durable plastic these kayaks are actually surprisingly hard to put a hole in, although they will include a puncture repair kit it is advisable to treat this kayak with care.

They perform quite well on the water and are very lightweight but this can also be challenging when it comes to paddling in strong winds.

Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks are a really cool and novel kayak to have and use. They are very stable and as a result are quite heavy and have limited manoeuvrability. They are also quite hard to transport but if you have a house near the water or on the water then are great fun. They can generally hold 2 adults and a small child or pet. Another great choice for families or couples who are looking for a bit of fun.

Sit on Top

Sit on top kayaks can also be consider fishing kayaks without all the fancy accessories. Built for stability these kayaks brands are great for beginners.

Sit on top models are also great as your body is not enclosed within the kayak meaning you don’t need to learn any sort of roll techniques. This is great for those who need to overcome a fear of this. Even better due to the high stability these types of kayaks are actually quite hard to tip over.


There can be many kayak brands to choose from so it can be very helpful to know what exactly it is you are looking for. For families or those short on space inflatable kayaks are a great tool to have for family vacations! Fishing kayaks are great for the outdoor enthusiast and sit on tops are very similar without the accessories. Tandem kayaks can be hard to transport but are also a great option for families. I hope you found this article useful!