Outdoor adventures have always been a great attraction and it is so common to have an adventuring bug these days. As more and more adventures are coming to life, it is a great attraction for tourists. Yet quantity never defies quality and there are very few things exist which are as thrilling as kayaking rapids. Historically it might have been a little different but the best kayaks in 2018 offer a lot. Not only it is a test of strength but the knowledge you possess.

How it works

Kayaking is not that hard if you do it along the flow of the river for an obvious reason. Staying in the “v” it generates it will keep the Kayak in deep water and will get you through the rapid. Pressure waves act as the obstacle in this with the rocks and other things it carries making it difficult to hold the kayak. To be safe from the waves you should always look for eddying out to rest in the eddy and buy yourself some time.

When the kayak is turned sideways, lean downriver lifting the upriver side to prevent oneself from window shading. Along with the flow of the river, one must keep on steering with the paddles to maintain direction and save him from toppling.

Maintaining a kayak is not easy. Therefore, you should always maintain a fair distance from the other kayakers to avoid some trouble. As this all involves a fair deal of energy and strength, one must try ferrying by pointing upriver and using the paddles to adjust the angles. This will help to save some energy and will lead to fast movement.


  1. Practice doing an assisted rescue.
  2. Try swimming in fast moving water with feet together and arms crossed over your chest. Splitting your legs mid swim will cut you in half. Be careful!
  3. Always be ready to help someone with the rope bag but remember the person in water needs to grab the rope and not the bag.
  4. Do check the navigations and the weather conditions before moving your kayak. Safety comes first.
  5. Never paddle alone and always wear a PFD if you love your life.

Watch this rapids video! 

Ones you get it it is no rocket science. You will enjoy yourself a great deal. Skills improve with time, you go on the river, feel the water and there you learn more. The fact that we use to sit on top type kayaks makes this activity accessible to people who have had no previous experience of paddling whitewater or even a kayak. This is a guaranteed get wet activity and the likelihood of capsizing the kayak is high but there is NO risk of being stuck inside the craft.